Support Policy

How We Offer Product Support

Wpfrogs provides technical support for all of our products via our members area, via the forum (registered users only) or the support desk (for paid members only).

For free versions of plugins and themes, Support is only available via our public forum.

If you have a NON technical related issue, such as a presales question or a billing question, you can use our contact form.

Support Response Time

Response times are between 24 and 72hrs Monday through Friday excluding holidays. We promise to resolve all issues as quickly as possible. WPfrogs is a small company and all support issues are dealt with in house by two part-time members of our programming and support team. Response times may vary on the day of the week, particularly during holidays) or based upon the time of your request.

Extent of Support

We will offer free support to you for any products that you have purchased directly from and prosource inc. This includes themes, plugins and even training.

We DO NOT offer general WordPress support or training and we DO NOT offer support for 3rd party plugins or themes for obvious reasons.

Please be aware of the difference between “Support” and “Customizing”.

“Support” means anything related to installing and using the product as designed out of the box. Helping you with install problems or answering a question we didn’t cover in the member tutorial videos or FAQ are all things considered as “Support”.

“Customizing” means anything related to changing the theme from it’s original design or changing it to function in a way never originally intended. For example, completely removing a built in feature, changing layouts or adding a new feature on the theme is considered “Customizing” and we cannot offer support for that. However feature requests are welcome.

However, you are free to submit your customization questions and ideas inside the General Discussion Forum to get feedback from other members.

Bug Fixes & Free Updates

We are committed to fixing any bugs that may arise in our products in a timely manner. Most smaller bug fixes are usually completed and added to the members area within 5-7 days of us receiving the bug report.